OUR COMPANY: At Necessary Media we tell the stories that need to be heard but aren’t always told. It’s the hero stories from companies and individuals about making a difference, making us laugh and helping our planet be a better place.

OUR PRODUCTS: We create "Necessary" media that touches each viewer emotionally, creating an instant desire to know more, sign up and spread the word! Our videos for you/your/company/your brand engage viewers in such a way that they are happier, smarter and have more tools to help themselves after watching. DO YOU have some "necessary media"? We can help!

Lani Neumann

Executive Producer/Director

For over ten years Lani has been fortunate enough to write, produce and direct television that chased down the biggest thrills, wildest characters and most mouthwatering food this country has to offer (Travel Channel’s Extreme, Food Wars and Bert the Conqueror). Her shows have featured singers chasing stardom (MTV’s MADE), families searching for answers (True.tv’s Psychic Detectives) couples caught in the pain and despair of infidelity (OWN’s Unfaithful) and celebrated good old American ingenuity (Destination America’s Redneck Summer).

Her corporate work includes videos for Penguin Random House, Samsung (India), Taco Bell (USA), M&Ms (China) and Captain Morgan (India). 

She is always looking for her next great story to tell.

Lani's Work

Famed book jacket designer Chip Kidd and author James Ellroy square off in a literally battle royale of words and images.

Bert the Conqueror, Travel Channel EPK

Taco Bell - marketing sizzle for cool ranch locos taco ad campaign


Ian Choplick

Director of Photography

Ian and Lani first met at San Francisco State University’s Cinema program in the early 90s. They collaborated on a gritty short about a vindictive gun for hire called Hitman and have continued to collaborate ever since. 

Ian has been shooting films, television and documentaries for over 15 years. His ability to envision images that capture the emotion of any piece has made him Lani’s go-to DP. He brings the true, authentic eye of an artist when it comes to photography, the thoroughness of a perfectionist when it come to technical ability, and combines it with just enough MacGyver to pull it all off. 

His work has been seen on Travel Channel, Discovery, NAT Geo, Food Network, Animal Planet, OWN, TLC and True.tv.

Ian's Work


Jake Diamond


Jake has been editing in film and television for over 15 years. The production Gods first brought Jake and Lani together in 2008 to collaborate on Travel Channel’s Extreme.  Jake’s ability to craft a story quickly and efficiently, from the first piece of footage to the final cut, is what makes him such an indispensable part of the NM team.

His work has been seen on A&E, AMC, Comedy Central, HBO Sports, PBS, Discovery, VH1, and Travel Channel.

Jake's Work

"Communists." One of the many field segments I cut for The Colbert Report.

A Comedy Feature Film by Sebastian Doggart. Starring Devin Ratray, Adrian Grenier and Jim Norton.

A new sitcom directed By Cooper James.


Kira Snell

Associate Producer

Kira’s passion for storytelling began very young, with a notable victory in a kiddie poetry contest at age seven. She has taken a critical thinker's lens to  advertisements, tweets, articles, novels, YouTube videos, television shows, movies and commercials ever since. 

Kira holds an M.A. in Rhetorical Criticism and Media Studies from Sacramento State University. 

As a main point of contact with all of Necessary Media’s clients, Kira is warm, calm, funny and whip smart when it comes to all your project details. We couldn’t look good without her!