Warrior Fitness Boot Camp - social media video package

Necessary Media wrote/produced/ delivered a dynamic social media video package crafted to spread WFBC's message of "You are stronger than you think"  to the widest audience possible.  We captured four, very different and very compelling client testimonials that express how WFBC  literally changes the lives of their clients every day.  All case studies are under 3 min and perfect for sharing, inspiring and engaging a large online audience.

In addition, we were thrilled to let audiences hear directly from the owners and ex-Marines themselves, Alex Fell and Ruben Belliard, as they explain, encourage and invite people to experience WFBC for themselves. 


Warrior Fitness Boot Camp Videos

Meet Alex Fell and Ruben Belliard, owners of Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, and the reason so many New Yorkers are dramatically changing their lives through their boot camp experience.

Donia juggles full time work and being a full time grad student - her secret weapon to feeling good? WFBC.

John and Julie have been married almost 30 years, have three kids and run their own business. What keeps them happy, engaged and feeling like 20 somethings? Watch their story!

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