Lani has that rare combination of creativity and pragmatism. She and her team managed to produce my film in 2 months within budget. Her insights saved us money while enhancing the artistic value of the film. - Writer/Director Fernanda Rossi


Watch and enjoy Brain OFF! teaser here! 



Brain OFF!

Necessary Media produced writer/director/filmmaker Fernanda Rossi’s dark comedy short film.  We provided pre-production services, casting, crew and equipment, as well as on-set management and advisement through to post-production.



Brain OFF, is a futuristic, satirical tragicomedy about Ariadna, an urban middle-class 15-year-old girl who, after overusing texting, email, Facebook and all other social media outlets, suffers a brain data overload and shuts down. Ariadna becomes silent and immobile under a self-created cocoon of blankets, a blindfold and earmuffs. Her parents must deal with an assortment of shady characters to find the antidote to this media-induced coma before Adriana reaches the point of no return. In the process, they learn how to become a family again.


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