I take comedy seriously, which is why I hired Necessary Media. I double-dog dare you to find a better team! - Maureen Langan



Necessary Media was hired to write, produce, shoot and edit sizzle reel for 30 min travel/lifestyle television pilot starring award winning comedian and broadcast journalist Maureen Langan. 


Maureen Langan has the quick wit of Kathy Griffin and the curiosity of Anthony Bourdain mix them together and what do you get? MO GOES!

Mo travels the country and the world hitting the comedy stage at night. From Dublin to Winnipeg to Poughkeepsie, MO has 24 hours to immerse herself in the local culture - from the customs to the cocktails to the characters that define the heart of each city.

It's Mo's unique blend of comedy, journalism, wit and heart that make this a voyage worth taking!


Your pitch. Necessary.